Our job is to make yours easier. Proactive has created a 3-part infection-free workplace webinar series that provides small business owners with timely, relevant, and actionable information on returning to work safely following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Part 1: Risk Reduction Strategies

This session discusses state-specific requirements, operational considerations and specific
components of an infection prevention and control program that reduce the risk of
transmission to customers. Participants will learn key strategies to reduce and manage risk
through adaptations in the physical environment and in daily business operations.

Part 2: Bringing Employees Back to Work Safely

This session addresses considerations for reducing transmission among employees with
guidance for compliance coordination with state and local health requirements, staff
training recommendations, specific action steps to reduce the likelihood of outbreaks,
and handling employee exposure events. Participants will learn key strategies to reduce
risk through hazard recognition and implementation of adapted processes to reduce and
manage occupational exposure.

Part 3: Employee Infection Prevention & Control Basis

This session provides focused COVID-19 infection prevention and control training for
members of the workforce. Content addresses understanding how COVID-19 may be
spread in the workplace and reducing the risk of spreading infection to customers and
co-workers through targeted action steps. Use this content to meet employee training
requirements and access the recording for future on-demand education sessions with
your team members.

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Let us put our infection prevention expertise to work for your business. Together, we can reduce the risk of COVID-19 and other infection outbreaks.